Trinity Square Café’s program model allows us to serve as a transition space for many people who are rebuilding their lives after hospitalization or other consequences of a mental health diagnosis.

While we do not provide clinical services, our staff liaise where necessary with clients’ clinical teams and support workers. 

Clients cooking
Our Program Model

Trinity Square Café is a mental health recovery program. The Recovery Model emphasizes and supports an individual’s potential for living a full life while living with mental illness. 

A Personal Journey

Recovery is a personal journey unique to each client. Yet certain elements are fundamental: hope, a secure base, supportive relationships, self-determination, coping skills and a sense of purpose. 

Referring Someone To Our Program

For more information, contact Executive Director Lesley Norton at 416.598.2010.

Referral Criteria

Clients must possess an Ontario health card and are generally referred by workers in social service, health or related programs. 

Referrals from family members or self-referrals may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Client Criteria

Clients must be: 

  • Over 18 and living in Toronto or the surrounding area
  • Living with a diagnosed mental illness
  • Stable enough to handle a business environment 
  • Interested in food service work 

Assessment & Intake

The following steps occur:

  • Interview 
  • Client information gathered and submitted, including discussion of diagnosis and mental health condition(s) 
  • Ongoing health & safety training session
  • Individual employability and/or interpersonal goal setting 
  • Shift schedule established

There is currently no program time limit. 

Inside the café

A Community Care Approach

Our clients build valuable interpersonal and employment skills by preparing and serving café food, working with staff and fellow clients and connecting with customers. 

On any given day, we may also be teaching unpracticed social skills, navigating work history gaps or helping an individual develop the self-awareness to help manage their own mental health.